About Tascosa Office Machines

Our History


A family-owned and operated company, Tascosa provides broad coverage with offices and showrooms throughout West Texas, Eastern New Mexico and Colorado.

Family Owned

Johnnie King established Tascosa Office Machines after he saw a major shift in computing technology. First selling and repairing Canon copiers, Johnnie and his kids, Lynn, JP, Richard, and Kelly began to build the foundation for what Tascosa is today. 

 Years of Experience

With every decade came an opportunity to be at the forefront of business trends. In the early 2000’s the King family launched into an all-in-one approach by combining Equipment Technology, Service, Office Supplies and later Furniture to products offered. Tascosa has been a dedicated resource for local businesses and their specific needs. 

Growing For the future

Tascosa continues to grow with multiple locations and the third-generation of the King family working from their grandfather’s legacy. We partner with the best in the industry to deliver comprehensive, creative, and cost-effective solutions so our customers can build a better business.

Our Why: To Be A Resource

Tascosa Office Machines strives to create an environment teaming with life, supplying our customers the “fresh water and abundant resources” needed for your business to thrive. Tascosa is a Native American word meaning high plains marsh. A high plains marsh is an abundant resource for its people, and this is what Tascosa is founded upon.

About us

Our Leadership Team

Kelly King


Kelly is the youngest son of Johnny King (founder of Tascosa). Amarillo has been his home since 1963.

Kelly started working full time for the family business when he was 18 years old.

Kelly quotes, “My mission is to serve others and customers, contribute to society, always give a 100%, continue to grow my expertise and learn new skills.”

Kelly and his wife, Christi, have been married since 1993. Kelly has two sons, Colton & Jake, and two daughters, Kelsey & Lexi. Colton, Jake, & Lexi and his son-in-law Zach all work for the family business. Kelly is a grandfather to 3 grandchildren.

Kelly enjoys spending time: Spending time with family and friends, skiing, fishing, hunting, cycling, exercise, church, helping others, hiking, ATV’s, camping, travel, golf

Kelly is also a part of:

Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

Richard King


Richard is the second oldest son of Johnny King (founder of Tascosa). The west Texas Area has been his home since 1963.

Richard started working for the family business when he was 14 years old.

Richard quotes, “Trust The Truth.”

Richard and his wife, Amy, have been married since 1985. Richard has three daughter, Megan, Savannah, and Kaytie, who all work for Tascosa. Richard also has two sons-in-law, Kevin & Stephen, who work for Tascosa. Richard is a grandfather to 5 grandchildren.

Richard enjoys spending time: With family, gardening, photography, fishing, and camping.

Richard is also a part of:

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

JP King


JP is the oldest Son of Johnny King (founder of Tascosa). Amarillo has been his home since 1958.

JP started working for the family business when he was 23 years old.

JP quotes, “Take care of the customer and have fun doing it”

JP and his wife, Tana, have been married since 1973. Together they have two daughters Kelly Ann and Jill who also work for the family business. JP is a grandfather to 6 grandchildren.

JP enjoys spending time golfing, fishing, time with family, & working.    

JP is also a part of: 

Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

Canyon Country Club

Canyon Chamber of Commerce